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François Arnaud Fans

A Community for Fans of François Arnaud
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f r a n ç o i s a r n a u d f a n s

This is a community for the talented French-Canadian actor François Arnaud. With his lead performances in the new French series Yamaska and the film Les grandes chaleurs, François has made himself known to local audiences in Quebec. However, his biggest break has probably been in Xavier Dolan's J'ai tué ma mère, which gathered a lot of international buzz, and his upcoming leading role as the oldest son in Showtime's The Borgias. So, whether you've caught some of his French work or are looking forward to The Borgias, welcome! * This community is still a baby, so please be patient while we get everything set up!

This community is brand new so there are only a couple rules so far:

1. No foul play! Let's keep this place nice and friendly, if you have a problem feel free to contact a mod.

2. As he is a French-Canadian actor, feel free to make your posts/comments in either French or English (although, if you can, post in English - I have a feeling the majority of members coming from The Borgias will not be fluent in French).

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